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Punk Industries AB

Automated high frequency trading brought to the masses

Punk Trader AB (publ.) is an electronic trading software company in the digital assets sphere focusing on implementing profitable automated algorithmic trading strategies into the platform. The company focuses on....
online platform
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Coming Projects

Launching Soon!

Versus e-cup 2020

Worlds biggest FIFA 20 tournament on Xbox and Playstation

Our worldwide Versus e- cup will capitalize on this trend by establishing a foundation for the structuring of the World´s largest esports League based on the popular console game FIFA....
Launching Soon!

Weecq AB

Bringing Cap to the Table

InQubated Ltd has acquired the established platform Weecq has a Scandinavian market focus and the customers are companies that face a stock market listing or using crowdfunding to raise....
Public listing
Launching Soon!

Realfrac Ltd

The first web platform enabling instant real estate investments.

Realfrac is an eco system connecting everyday investors to institutional grade real estate investment opportunities. Our system, for the very first time, is unveiling projects that were previously for the....
Fragmented Investments
Real estate

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Our goal is to provide the best support for companies with their financing needs in both the short and long term, thus making start-up investments less risky for investors.

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We ensure transparency in everything we do, which means we always follow up on the use of funds, and provide the necessary accounting assistance as your project starts to move forward.

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It’s no secret that early stage companies have the highest risk to return ratio. Take the plunge, and get in just a few months before the IPO!

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All of our companies are guaranteed to offer discounted investment rates, cheaper products and/or services for your own engagement.


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