This Is InQubated

People - Planet - Profit
InQubated is headquartered in Denmark, operating virtually and is in the process of opening up subsidiaries in several European countries, supporting post-seed ventures with sufficient cash flow on the development of growth-, or exit strategies. (Raise, M&A, Buy-Out, IPO, STO, etc.) 

Whilst the majority of the growth will come from fund-raising support, the team has identified a multitude of needs, within its existing client base and extended network, which go beyond the mere financials. In particular shared resources that would otherwise not be accessible, or affordable are key in critical growth stages. CFO’s, CTO’s and Heads of Legal are equally as difficult to hire as are regulatory, governance and compliance experts. Young start-ups are struggling as people with those skills are often looking for stability. 

Therefore and to compensate for that challenge, InQubated is satisfying a need by offering to complement all capabilities which a company does not currently have - thus accelerating time to market and keeping the OPEX low. The business model is very straightforward: following a paid-for Due Diligence process (Typically 15k Euros), for each project InQubated will receive a retainer in excess of 50k Euros per annum and preferred stock based on a schedule, typically ranging from 5 to 10%. Also, InQubated will receive around 3-6% of the net raised amount for support throughout the process and for coordinating further external teams. 

Included in this service is the writing of any documentation required, basic legal advice for within the European Union and the UK, a strategy paper and the support with finding the right resources for the next phase. Service components are: 

1. Business Plan Rapid Review & Feedback 

2. Strategy Workshop - Deep Dive 

3. Growth Funding Strategy Development (Between 10 and 250 Million Euros) 

4. Growth Funding Strategy Execution Support 

5. Exit Strategy Development (IPO, STO, M&A, Buy-Outs, etc.) 

6. Turn-Around Strategy Creation 

7. Opex Optimisation through Shared Resource Management (CxOs) 

1-5. They represent the typical customer journey, whilst 6 and 7 are add-ons as required or stand-alone offerings. 

Whilst InQubated is largely industry agnostic, preferred projects are within: 

1.FinTech / RegTech




5. Fast Moving Consumer Goods FMCG


7. Real Estate

8. Industrial

InQubated has a particular passion for sustainable projects and is heavily focused on inclusion, bridging any gaps that may exist, geographically, culturally or otherwise. As part of the overall growth plan, InQubated is also raising funds for its own growth. Whilst the organic growth and the market demand are very significant, the non-organic growth will add experience and liquidity for special projects and as such, it is of enormous operational, as well as strategic value. 

The core management team exists of the following individuals: 

1. Luigi Brambilla, Interim CEO /Board of Directors (To be appointed)
2. Peter Wittsten, Director (Denmark)
3. Frank Lund Nielsen, Director, Chief Revenue Officer Nominee, current Chairperson of the Board of Directors (Denmark)
4. Heresh Ariai, Head of IT
5. Fredric Holmquist, Head of Promotions


Punk Industries AB

Punk Industries AB is a Swedish electronic trading software company in the digital assets sphere focusing on implementing profitable automated algorithmic trading strategies into the platform. The company focuses on retail traders and investors that want to have professionals running their trading securely and market neutral in the developing digital asset class. The company is currently on route for a public listing in the second quarter of on a major European exchange. The company has personnel in Gothenburg, Palma, Frankfurt and is about to open an office in Dubai.


RealFrac is an internal InQubated project and ecosystem, connecting everyday investors to institutional-grade real estate investment opportunities. The platform is unveiling projects that were previously directed towards qualified investors or the fortunate few. RealFrac runs on blockchain technology which now allows for transparency, inclusivity, and provides the opportunity for everyone to participate.

BlockStokk, one of Defraq’s projects, are in the process of setting up a platform where cryptocurrency holders can use their coins to  nance projects short term, typically between 30-90 days. They’ll also be able to earn rewards (interest) on it during the process. Since Ethereum, Blockchain is superior in leading smart contracts/DeFi projects compared to Bitcoin. Through this project, we are creating a specific token, that enables Bitcoin utilisation on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Supertrakz Ltd
Supertrakz ( is a secure, fully encrypted from start to end, lightweight, and integrated communications platform. It leverages deep AI and blockchain-based controls that will allow a sender to control their email at any stage. Users can pull back and vaporise a chat, message and even limit forwarding capabilities. They are also able to restrict printing and downloading and geotag users and messages. Supertrakz encrypts all things military-like, using an Encrypted Communications Container, the data transmission method and the data storage and servers. The Supertrakz platform is available in Q3 2021 as an email plugin to Windows and Mac, a native app, iOS, and Android.

Ecap Esports Ltd

Ecap aims to be the easiest navigated platform and app in the world for all esport lovers

The goal is to create a platform where there is an echo system between esports teams, players, fans

and sponsors. The platform and app will also include a lot of new features that the community and users will love. Features that the users can use every day in order to get benefits and rewards both in-game and in their daily lives. The company got a separate section dedicated to the FIFA community with the biggest FIFA project in the world reaching out to the world´s 500 million FIFA enthusiasts. Together with the highest compensation plan for the user’s activity- and media usage the company aim to become the world-leading platform for all esports content. The company is en route for a public listing on a major European exchange in late 2021.

Semi Engine - Part of InQubated Group

Based in Europe, InQubated holds 480 million opted-in or bought email addresses in its secure servers. The email engine poses as the outcome of six years of professional work utilising email addresses on various campaign sites, pop-ups and displays. It is also the result of actively maintaining the engagement in said email list throughout the years, and making sure addresses are valid and qualitative. One important aspect has been to segment the addresses so that they can be used in a variety of business sectors. 

InQubated offers segmented and highly unique email addresses to its partner companies. This is regarded as a so-called SEMI engine, which attributes value to the respective business. The SEMI- email engine is uniquely catered to each client and is fully operational while adding value as well as the distinctive tools to attract members and clients around the globe to boost business. 

There are several ways in which we can calculate the value of an email address. Typically, we use potential Lifetime Value which varies somewhat depending on which industry the company does its business. Looking back at our previous performance, a fully functional email address is valued at about $1 USD but ranges between $0.50 cents up to $2 USD. 20 to 50 million unique email addresses are sold to the partner companies brought into the Inqubated group. It gives them unprecedented commercial and promotional strength and advantages over competitors. Inqubated runs marketing campaigns for the business through its proprietary software, specifically designed to be able to minimise bounces or shutdowns on behalf of Google spam warnings.

Digital newspapers have made a revolution In the information world. The way in which they’ve known how to adapt to new technologies and to the digitalization of the world is admirable and should be praised. InQubated has launched a newspaper that will function as the main promotion HUB in our group providing content for all clients as well as for InQubated itself. The newspaper;

The Financial Eye has relaunched during the fall of 2021 and is at the moment publishing 8-16 articles/day. The paper is promoted on social media and through numerous emails. The response so far is over the expectations.


Mynewsdesk was founded in 2003 and offers all types of organizations a modern, digital PR solution to engage and interact with journalists, opinion leaders, customers, bloggers and other relevant audiences. Companies and organizations create and share information for increased exposure. Communicators effectively manage all their communication in a newsroom where, among other things, press releases, high-resolution images and videos are disseminated through the right channel, at the right time, to the right audience. 

A smarter PR tool

With the help of AI and new, smart algorithms, you can now automatically monitor every single news item published and follow its spread in the media.

Every time one of your news items is picked up in the media, we notify you so you can follow the development.

You get direct feedback on your PR work and can see what gives the best results.

You get insight into how far you reach with each news item.

Social Media Strategy

InQubated social media strategy is a summary of everything our clients plan to do and hope to achieve on social media. We act as a guide to our client's actions and let them know their rate of success using our analyzing tools

The more specific a plan is, the more effective it will be. We help to keep it concise. 

InQubated Content Creation

The main goal of content strategy is to use words and data to create unambiguous content that supports meaningful, interactive experiences. We have to be experts in all aspects of communication in order to do this effectively.”

- Rachel Lovinger

InQubated has engaged a team of skilful persons that together secures that our clients have maximum coverage in social media.

Of course, InQubated has incorporated all features above and turned our promotion division into one of the most powerful in the market.