Punk Industries AB

“No longer are investors following individuals that may or may not deliver results. Through us investors can follow some of the best quants in the world, enabling safer trading in a high-risk environment."

Punk Industries AB is a Swedish investment firm in the digital assets and commodities sphere focusing on acquiring profitable blockchain and electronic software development projects. The company has offices in Spain, Sweden and Germany and the Punk Industries management team and its advisory board have a combined 80 years of experience from top tier investment banks, crypto quant firms, and tech firms and have previously successfully made smaller ventures into unicorns.

Investor proposal

We are on a growth path that requires growth capital. Not to get a bigger market share, or to get the bigger trades. We believe smarter is better than bigger and therefore we invest in people and supporting tech.

Early investors are able to get a good big piece of the action, as we value the trust instilled in us.

When markets move, we benefit from it. We de-couple profitability from volatility, as our investors are not invested in the underlying asset class, or the venture that deals with it. Rather, they invest instead in our ability to benefit from volatility through leveraging performance through investments in ventures.


We manage a portfolio of assets and have unique skills to help them grow. Our vision is truly holistic. We focus on cool, fresh and inclusive ideas with the potential to provide exponential growth and a significant upside.

Decentralised finance and crypto are inherently Punk, but the true Punk idea is that anything goes. Meaning, we are looking for gems, some unpolished, some not, who will help our movement to grow.

We are believers in diversity. Broad and true diversity creates innovation and gives us the ability to outperform traditional funds and investment houses. It is that bridge that we are able to build between our experience and our constant drive for excellence that makes us unique and ultimately valuable for our customers and investors alike.

Whether you are an Institutional, or Retail investor, interested in trading, we have a wide range of companies with their respective products under our umbrella.

Inqubated is our service provider of choice to support is with our growth plans.

The Financial Eye
Is the web newspaper that is the daily updated eye on Fintech and Finance and collaborates with us to keep our fingers on the pulse of what's happening in markets, climate, decentralised finance, politics, covid and other categories. The Financial Eye is the forum where the group can spread newsworthy stories quicker.

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Punk Trader is an electronic trading software company in the digital assets sphere, with the sole purpose of implementing profitable, automated and algorithmic trading strategies into the platform. The company’s main focus is on assisting retail traders that are tired of defeat, and beginners to crypto that simply need a team of professionals to run their trading securely.

We are working with external trading specialists and investment professionals who have many years of experience in the industry. Our trading professionals take mostly short-term positions and, in some cases, medium-term positions across large-cap cryptocurrency markets and make use of market volatility to make profits. At Broker24, we have regular brainstorming sessions with our management team and our traders, to produce product ideas, debate on their purpose and implementation. We encourage innovation and develop advanced technical knowledge to maximise fund performance while minimising risks. The trading partners pursue machine learning and statistical modelling systems in cryptocurrency exchanges, thus regularly monitoring the markets to identify and capture trading opportunities.

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Punk Industries AB


Punk Industries AB
Engelbrektsgatan 56


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Frank Lund Nilsen COB
Frank has been appointed various management positions as Sales manager (Centerplan A/S – a propertymanagement company, Country manager (Swarco) Denmark A/S), Key account manager (G4S SecurityServices A/S) and Global key account manager (Securitas A/S). He has also owned and developed his company House of Technology A/S


The market can of course be measured at one time, but the values will soon becomes irrelevant because Blockchain and Decentralised Finance is exploding over and over again and opening up endless opportunities for an investment company like Punk Industries


The IPO opened up on the third of December 2021 and close on the third of March 2022.

Return on Investment

Retun on investment is highly dependent on the success of the company. With a 30 % discount on the initial listing price, plus the scope of the market and benchmark against competing platforms, there is real potential in project.

Risk Analysis


Punk Industries AB
Engelbrektsgatan 56