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InQubated lets you in on investment secrets and to become part of successful  businesses.


This is where your journey towards a diversified investment portfolio begins. It’s completely free to join, and once registered, you can request more information on projects, ask us questions and make your first official investment.


You’ve discovered a business that you identify with, and you’re willing to help them in their quest for success. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to make your first investment and be more than ready for the next step.


The success of your investment is reliant on a community effort. Entrepreneurs need your support. Become an active shareholder with voting rights now, and if the business performs well, you will be rewarded.

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Previously, rare and smart equity investments were available for the chosen few and well-connected. Today, Inqubated make everyday investors part of new breed of smart investors that want to diversify their portfolios in early stage investments.


We pride ourselves in promoting the most promising startup companies out there. In our due diligence process, we look for companies that could make it all the way to an exchange with our continuous support along the way.


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Need particular information about your investment? Or maybe Ideas on valuation and a general business overview? If you’re unsure of where to begin, do not hesitate to send in your company’s full details, and we’ll help you along the way.


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If we grant you access to our platform, we can help you create a unique campaign specifically targeted towards your group of potential investors.


Follow up Progress.

Once the campaign has been reviewed, we make sure it has the best possible prerequisites for a great outcome. We have a world class email engine that helps our partner companies in achieving their goals.


Launch your Campaign

We are looking for a strong business plan. Be it a startup, or early stages of mapping - we are here to assist you in launching a successful campaign. The process is constantly monitored by our team of professionals, to ensure the highest standard of outcome.

Ann Sofie Ekberg CEO | Cloudberry Fields

InQubated made it possible for us to begin a journey towards an IPO and to add temporary resources.. We are getting lots of exposure and interest from experienced investors. Moreover, the team has been very supportive throughout the process, helping us with the website and memorandum among other things.  


Investors need to be aware of the risks involved in ventures that are not mature yet. There is always a possibility to lose your investment completely due to lack of liquidity. Most startups need funding in several Series going forward, which means dilution. InQubated targets only investors who understands these risks and make their own decisions on investments

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