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InQubated focuses on companies with long-term growth potential

InQubated has an extensive background in supporting businesses with a pronounced will to list their company. Before we start the process, we conduct a thorough analysis of operations on your company seeking our guidance. Most of our potential clients will get a council from us, occasionally before we begin the work. It’s essential for us, and our clients, that we minimize the risk of failure. The companies we proudly display, hold powerful ideas and have a strong motive for their vision.

Financing through issuing of shares

InQubated’s financing model is the backbone of capitalization. To succeed with an issuing, your company would firstly need to show a high standard of presentation and operations. Preparing for a listing is quite an undertaking from both parties, but it is most often a natural exit strategy attracting investors. A win-win-win concept for, the entrepreneur, InQubated and the investors themselves. In turn, this makes the outcome’s success much more probable.

Guaranteed promotion of your business through traction

Executed by the best of our team, we can offer you guaranteed promotion, PR and email campaigning services. Contrary to common beliefs, we believe them to play an essential role in the making of traction for your listing. Your company gets support from the best equipped campaign staff throughout the entire process. Our stats also show evidence of vast improvements regarding companies visibility in connection with the issuing of shares.

InQubated becomes your reliable partner

We help your business flourish, by developing disruptive models and technologies together. Our open partner system ensures a dedicated team committed to helping your company in its quest for success. Building trust between partners is imperative for us, and ensures a long-lasting relationship. Together, we design your future.

Moving your project forward

Project development is also a key part of InQubated’s overall business model. Whilst we’re open to all forms of inquiries on every project level, early-stage ones may not yet fulfill the necessary requirements to go public. In such cases, we collaborate with the founders of the project to build up a decent Portfolio. Marketing these campaign projects are also an excellent way to conduct regular crowdfunding without selling shares. With our help, the project owner within each organization is able to move it over to fit regular client business activities. Investing through crowdfunding also produces a product, gets a preference for investment after the project has been incorporated, or introduces private placement through various business angels

Other financing solutions

In addition to doing IPOs, companies can also work with other forms of financing solutions, such as bond loans, preference shares, private placement, venture capital, convertible bonds and seed financing. Typically charging a percentage of the acquired capital, a so-called success fee. In some cases, we claim part ownership to become shareholders ourselves, or claim a seat at the board, depending on the level of engagement from us.

Marketing campaign

Drives brand awareness in a positive way

Increased visibility creates increased business volumes and drives brand awareness in a positive way for every company using this strategy. We provide a community where our members share and support innovative concepts, encourage growth and high quality development.

1. Email campaigns

Once we have done a complete marketing plan we conduct an email campaign that is primarily used for lead generation.

2. Advertising through digital media

We have an extensive network of business-driven magazines in which we let our companies advertise. This is an integral part of our strategy to conduct a highly successful fundraiser.

3. Mission-driven campaigns

We promote mission-driven campaigns and analyze them through our platform as a tool to always evaluate and possibly strengthen the business models and marketing strategies.

3. A growing network

We connect like-minded entrepreneurs to a rapidly growing, vibrant group of investors in a strategic manner to enable social growth, networking and valued creation.

4. Press releases

The impact of online PR is extensive! Together with our partners, we monitor what is being said about your brand while helping to get your story heard and identified with an audience that can also engage and analyze the results.

5. Project manager

Every one of our companies gets a dedicated project manager who has a varied background in these particular campaigns. We provide you with a professional that helps lead the process to make the best possible campaigns and issuing of shares.

The 90 day process

We pride ourselves in our ability to do a 70-90 day focused outbound campaign. The length is dependent on the requirements of the company, and the rate of success during it. Most often, it takes about twice the period for the entrepreneur to prepare for a full campaign process. In summary, we provide three stages to illustrate the entire process.


1. Campaign Preparation

We assist in creating content for the campaign, and writing the memorandum, including the financial content, Since it can be difficult for inexperienced Entrepreneurs, we provide the best support possible in this phase. Together, we create the marketing plan and identify a target company for the listing.

2. Launch phase on InQubated

In this phase, we do extensive email campaigning to connect to potential investors. We follow the process of share issuing closely, and seek out improvements content-wise, then implement them while following up with future shareholders.

3. Finalizing and completing the process

This stage is all about completing the fundraising campaign and preparing for the IPO. We finalize share issuing and make sure to meet investors expectations, and to mobilise your shareholders before the listing.

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